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New Wave pt. 2

I reshot the New Wave Soda can shoot that I had posted a couple of months ago. This time I did flavor profiles for 6 different cans. These photos were shot in my apartment with strobes, a homemade V-flat and a paper background taped to my wall. the set up was impressive, if I do say so myself. It was just cool to know that I created some nice photos just inside my rather small apartment. It just shows how much you can do with such little space and some lights! I will post a couple of my shots below. You would never know they were shot in an apartment!!

I made/ put together all of the props in this shoot.

Surfer Girl

This is another image from the shoot with Emma at the beach. It’s one of my favorite shots because she is so warm contrasting with the cool ocean. The ocean was so beautiful blue that day, I love how well the subject and the background compliment each other. I didn’t have anybody to help me by holding a fill card, so I was trying to figure out how I could get some light on her, as she is sort of back lit. I decided to use my flash, but the white flash made her look sickly and washed out. I then came up with the idea to use my orange gel on my flash. I absolutely love the effect that it made. She looks warm and beachy but it is sort of stylistic because the colors are so saturated. Also, I didn’t do any editing to this photo, this is how vibrant the colors turned out. I absolutely love the photos from this shoot and I can’t wait to make more.

Surfs Up

Here is a photo of my best friend, Emma. We got the chance to drive to the beach on Saturday and I took it as an opportunity to continue with my beach project. I love this photo because has a vintage feel. I did some split toning and added some grain to give it that feel. This wasn’t a fish eye lens but I had my lens on the widest angle it would go, and I think it made for a more interesting feel. I get album cover vibes or something. I really love all of the images I took in this shoot and I’m excited to keep making more awesome pictures like this.

Playing With Light

Here is a photo from the same day that I shot my friend John Charles (JC) from my previous post. This photo has no editing done to it, this is exactly how I took the photo and I am very proud of how it turned out. The light all around is beautiful and there is just enough light on his face that is coming from a fill card. The background was not ideal, but the light was beautiful, and actually I think I did a good job using the background to my advantage. The bokeh in the background is beautiful and even though there are buildings, I don’t think they take away or are too distracting. I captured some more beautiful light with JC at a later time that I will post below. Anyways, this was just for fun, trying to make some interesting pictures with really cool lighting.

John Charles

Continuing on with my portfolio project, here is a shot of my buddy John Charles. This is another clean portrait that I can add to the rest of my series. I think it fits the vibe that I have been creating with the rest of my portfolio project; they all have the same look, which is my goal. There were originally trees in the background of this photo which I removed to keep that clean look. Normally I wouldn’t tell the public this because then they look for it. However, I feel like it is good to know that it was part of the process of how I made this photo how I liked it. It seemed like I couldn’t escape buildings or trees where I was, and yet I still got the effect that I wanted, which is what I have been doing in every one of my portfolio photos. Despite where I am or what my surroundings are, I always figure out how to get the picture I want. in this case I had to pull out my photoshopping skills. Whatever I had to do though, I still created the image I wanted.

Velvet Shore

I thought this was a fun idea for my product lighting fabric assignment. The fabric that I chose made me think of the ocean. I thought it would be fun to make a little staged beach scene with my blue velvet. I really like how the sunlight rakes across the velvet and resembles the sparkles of light that the waves in oceans catch from the sun. The way the fabric lays on top of itself reminds me of real waves as well. It’s not perfect but it is interesting and pretty to look at. It is sort of an expressionistic picture of the ocean I think.

The Beach at NC State University

I have been working on a project where I create a beach vibe without actually being at a beach. This picture was taken at NC State University where there just happened to be two or three palm trees. I composed the photos that I took that day in such a way that one would never guess they weren’t taken at some tropical location. That’s kind of the idea of the project; using what is available to me to create the feeling and the allusion that I was at a beach taking these photos. I also took some photos of my friend who agreed to model for the cause. I will post some of those as well.

I think these photos are very successful in the fact that they look like they were taken at the beach. They are also just good pictures, if I do say so myself.

Beach Baby

Pictured here is my nephew, Jax. In case anyone has not seen my recent posts, I am working on a project to produce beachy vibes without seeing the actual beach. I think this photo is subtle yet gives that feel that I am going for. I think it has to do with the blonde curly hair, light eyes and lack of a shirt. The open sky behind him shows that there aren’t any trees or buildings around, which may indicate that he could be on the beach. These are just some thoughts. Perhaps by itself it just looks like a nice portrait of a cute little boy, but when it’s with the rest of the series, he looks like a little beach baby with a professional surfing career ahead.

New Wave

Here is a photo I took for my commercial photography assignment “small product” . This is actually my second attempt at this photo. My first attempt just had a boring white background and the composition seemed off. I made a surfboard out of a cucumber for both shots, but the first surfboard looked much better because I made it the same day that I shot. For this shot I made the cucumber surfboard the night before because I wasn’t going to have time the day of the shoot. Because I didn’t make it fresh for the shoot, the cucumber wilted and looked sad and skinny. Overall though, the picture quality is so much better than my first shot. It is so much more interesting to look at now. I may even shoot this a third time and make a fresh surfboard. I really love the product and the idea behind it, so I really would like to make a successful shot. Maybe third time is a charm!


I took this picture for my first commercial portfolio. I’m trying to go with a beachy/ surfer vibe. What I am trying to do is create a look basically without any context. My hope is that my viewers will look at this photo and think “that’s a surfer”. My model, Bennette, was actually wearing a RipCurl shirt in this photo. However, I kind of like the anonymity of the photo, as in I’m not selling a specific brand, but I am representing a sort of vibe or culture. In other words, I could be selling something for a surf company, but it is not specified anywhere. I got my inspiration for this from a photo of a surfer where all you could see was his face and water running down out of his hair, similar to my photo. What I really loved about the photo was that I didn’t need to see anything else to know “that’s a surfer”. I decided to give it a shot and make a project out of it and here is my first shot.